Sunday, July 10, 2011

RIP, red squirrel…or, “fetchez le shovel”

“What do I do with it now?” asks Charlie.

The sound of “Taps” is heard as Kevin prepares a burial plot for the dearly departed squirrel.

In other news, I found a backwards-colored ladybug today on a milkweed flower.

And the cattails have concluded their mating season.
The male part of the stalk at the top is more-or-less empty.
…while the female part lower down is no longer quite so freshly green.

In embarrassing news, that pesky one-seeded bur cucumber – an invasive vine that is infesting our hillside – turns out to be an as-yet unidentified species of wild grape.
See? Grapes. Out of reach, high up in an apple tree. It’s still making a nuisance of itself, though. It has designs on the phone pole and electric/cable line to the house.

I’m not the only one who’s confused. This is a CROCUS, in JULY. Please to note the little red bug, lurking to the lower left. [Editor's note: I will later realize this is a hosta.]

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