Thursday, July 7, 2011

“A” is for Awesome

Queen Anne’s Lace with a lovely translucent-legged spider.
P1110313 b
Cropped, contrast jacked up. “A” is for “Awesome!”


  1. Upon first glance I thought I was looking at the bottom side of a head of lettuce and that little spider body was the stem... boy, that tells you where my mind is. (In the produce drawer?)

    Super cool pic, I would have totally screamed and then come back to take the pic, and then run away screaming.

  2. oh, well how that works is, I often don't even SEE the spiders I'm photographing until later. And when I do, I can't see them very well until I get the picture up on the computer. For a lot of bugs, I'll try and figure out what they are by comparing them to what's on, but I couldn't even BEGIN to ID this one. A) there are a lot of spiders to look through and B) oh dear god, it gives me the willies. If you think THIS one's bad, check out the one here:

    warning: super scary.