Friday, June 24, 2011

why do we clean for company?

I started this blog a lot longer ago than you’ve been aware of it, I guarantee it. Oh, I was totally late to the blog party – I am a total late adopter – ironic and pathetic for someone who used to earn big bucks as an information systems developer. But back to my point: I had this blog up for months and months and months before I ever actually told anyone about it. And then it was months before “anyone” included folks other than say, my mother. (Hi, Mom!)

I was just way too paranoid and shy to put myself out there. The day I first posted a link to this blog on Facebook was like woooo, a big deal. And now? Whatever. I don’t care. Welcome to my life, or not. Ahhh, the pleasures of not caring!

So tell me then: why do I clean for company? And more specifically, why do I clean the way I do? We’re throwing a party tomorrow in honor of Lovebean’s birthday. Tell me: was it necessary to mop the basement floor?

Or purge unused speakers (some wires need to be re-spliced) off Kevin’s desk, and then tidy up all the electric cords?

P1100073 P1100075
Before. After.
Kevin’s not immune to the pleasures of serious clean-up – check out how he spent his afternoon. This before picture, you’ve seen before.
But this? This is worthy of an Oprah magazine special.

Hey, do you miss the flower pictures? Here you go, devoted blog readers, as well as you freaks who landed here because you were looking for heroin sauce recipes, or stories about human-eating vegetables. Here’s the day’s flower report.

First up: spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana).


That about speaks for itself, I think.


Wild rose. Sorry, I lied. Anemone.


Raspberry. Or, a breeding colony of rice worms. One or the other.



I’m a sucker for clover.

That’s all – I was busy cleaning parts of the house that nobody will see or even notice if they do see. Will I remember to clean the cat prints off the dining room table? Fifty-fifty.

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  1. Here in central Texas our anemones and spiderworts have been gone for months. I'm glad you can still enjoy yours.

    Steve Schwartzman