Monday, June 27, 2011

how I know the economy is recovering

alternate title: how I know the economy is in even more trouble than I thought. I received a credit card offer today. Yes, me: Ms. No Discernible Income. Wastrel that I am, AmericanExpress wants me. Wants me bad.
In other news, according to the Garmin, and a calories-burned website, I burned about 1,800 calories today – not including the 1,800 or so I burned just Being Alive. My training run today was an hour and forty minutes, and involved eleven sets of 1/2 mile ‘sprints’ (with lots of walking bits and warm up and cool down jogging). And then…then there’s the lawn mowing out at my dad’s house.
I was one tired puppy. Kevin took over at the very end – that’s him in the background, against Barn #2.
What’s not to love about lupine?
Bee (presumably) (lots of bee-like things ain’t bees!) coming in for a landing.
Lower down, some of the flowers have already set up shop.
World’s Most Fantastic Silver Maple
I’ll know the economy has recovered when someone buys this house.
There was more blue sky than is implied by this photograph. I love these windmills: they tell me that yes, we are capable of figuring out sustainable options. They pissed my dad off, though. “Left-wing hippies” I believe he was probably thinking.
Oh wow: the iPod – which is on global shuffle – just started playing “You’re a mean one…Mr. Grinch”. It’s my dad! scolding me from the other side! (Happy smile.)


  1. I love that first photo. It reminds me of summers gone by, the sun and the dusty heat, the bees buzzing ...

  2. ...the vibrating feeling you get in your arms from the push mower...