Saturday, June 18, 2011

why yes, that is a pig on a leash

We were at a traffic light and this was the best I could get. Welcome to Brattleboro.
Spent all day mowing the lawn out at my dad’s house.
We’re exhausted. I have blisters on both hands and on the bottom of my feet. Tip: don’t mow the lawn wearing Keens. Old running shoes are better, and lord knows, I have plenty of those lying around.
The views are nice. Anyone want to buy an old Vermont farmhouse? It’s got great views…

On the way home, a rainbow followed us.
That’s what happens when you have bright sun and rain, simultaneously…
The only plant for the day is the milkweed I spotted on the side of the road at a Little League game we watched this morning.
Yawn. Time for bed.

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