Friday, March 4, 2011

a sudden shot of spring

Sweetness-and-Light and I are in South Carolina, visiting my Sainted Mother for a week.


A promising view, I’ve always thought. Them’s daffodils, incidentally. DAFFODILS! in MARCH!


I’d say it was under 60° degrees, and very windy. We lasted as far as that crane, in the distance.


Looks like someone’s adding a house. (Sigh.) (I get cranky with each new addition to the housing stock along the beach.) On the bright side, it’s not a particularly tall or ostentatious house, by the looks of it.


The wind was sending sinuous skeins of sand skittering down the beach, adding to the ripples formed by wave action. On our way to the airport yesterday morning, we were noticing very similar patterns on surface of the snow, in the meadows. Ahhh, nature…

That same wind was practically pushing us along the beach, and rather than have to face it when we turned around, we decided to be naughty and cut in to a golf course and come back along the bike paths. Since it was so raw out, we figured there wouldn’t be any actual golfers to bust us.


By sneaking in where we did, I got a great view of another side of one of my favorite houses. What I love about this house is that unlike every other place along this stretch of beach…it’s correctly oriented to the sun.


This is what, the 39th year I’ve been coming to Hilton Head? And I’ve never been on any of the world-famous golf courses here. When I’m down here, I like to go for long walks or runs on the beach, ride a bike all over the bike trails – preferably for long enough that I actually get lost – and read. Golfing does not appear on the list. Kevin loves to golf, but he only has the two kidneys God gave him, and I think it takes at least four to get a good tee time down here.


It’s nice to see the links are bordered by my favorite live oaks. I was actually rubbing my back against one of these when Kevin alerted me to an oncoming golf cart so we scurried away.


We found a proper bike path, and immediately made the acquaintance of a blue heron in one of the lagoons.


Trees are blooming down here. This won’t happen for a l-o-n-n-n-g-g time back up north…

Tomorrow, I may surprise myself with my week’s long run early, since it’s supposed to rain on Sunday. I am inexplicably cranky today, and I’m going to blame it on the fact of having traveled. It was uneventful, mind you, which is how I like my traveling, but the mere fact of traveling seems to discombobulate me. Grrrrr. Maybe I’ll be all chirpy tomorrow.

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