Sunday, March 6, 2011

A perfect day.

As my friend Katie, who lives here, says, “The good news about Hilton Head is that the weatherman couldn’t tell you the weather if he was standing outside”.

Here’s what T-storms in the forecast looked like today:


It was a perfect day. A perfect beach walk. My legs were troopers, despite my ten mile run yesterday, and I felt like I could have walked forever.


What do I look like when I’m in heaven? Like this.


Or like this.


Kevin reported that the ride in this direction, into the wind, was not nearly as easy as the ride in the other direction, when he found that peddling was not even necessary.

Hey, have you ever seen a sand dollar move? They do, you know.


Yeah, it leaves a track. Cool, no? After some internal debate, I chucked this guy out into the surf, because the tide was still going out and he looked like he could use a break.

Today’s beach also featured a mysterious species of jellyfish, which I nearly confused with an empty 7-Up bottle from a distance:


All in all, a good day. A bonus day. I thought for sure I’d end up sitting indoors reading “Of Human Bondage”, which is allegedly Somerset Maugham’s masterpiece, but I have to say, it’s leaving me cold. But no, I was outside the whole day – first on the beach, and then sitting on a bench in Harbour Town with My Sainted Mother, soaking up the sun.

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