Wednesday, March 23, 2011

life is skittles, and life is beer.

I wish spring would get here already. Oh, that’s a Tom Lehrer reference, in case you’re clueless.

Exciting news, gang: all the snow has melted off the Honda and we’ve manoeuvered it into prime position.
It’s still too muddy to use this car. But we don’t have the use of the truck for a few days, as it’s getting some upgrades and deferred maintenance taken care of. Remember that bit that fell off the other day? That was the thing that protects the gas tank from accidental puncture. We’re having that fixed, and, ever hopeful even in the face of a forecast of snow, we’re having the snow tires swapped out for normal tires. Plus we’re having some deferred maintenance taken care of, including, um, something that has to do with the airbag actually being, you know, an airbag. This will all cost a pretty penny, but the way we figure it, we’re buying a (not) new-to-us used truck – one that gets great mileage, is already inspected and registered to us, that runs great, and that even already has a bunch of our crap in the back of it. You betcha!
I’ve been pretty quiet here lately. Have you missed me?
I’ve been offline partly because I’m fed up with “just kidding” snowfalls. On Saturday, knowing it was going to snow on Sunday, I went for a long run – 11.2 miles – and managed to neglect to bring water with me. I didn’t notice this as a problem (since it was cool, in the 40’s) until I was nearly home, and it was then that I remembered that the instructions for the yummilicious electrolyte chews I eat…
…are to have a chug of water with each one. I ate three of ‘em. No water. Whoops. As soon as I stopped running I knew I’d goofed. My legs felt AWFUL. I downed a boatload of water and ibuprofen and eventually felt better.
Then on Sunday, we got the expected snow – three or so inches. Noooooo! I was super-glad I’d already gotten the long run out of the way! We both immediately went into a carb frenzy. TAKE THAT, NATURE.
That’s cinnamon bread on the left – yes, in a variety of artistic shapes. You can’t blame the guy – he was working with a mismatched assortment of dishes and loaf pans. I can assure you that the results were tasty.
Then Monday, then Tuesday, and now Wednesday. And I have left you in the dark This Whole Time. So sorry! I’ve just been in an internal place, and not inspired by Nature, either. Well, there was the robin – at twilight, so all my shots turned out weird and grainy, but here’s the handsome fellow, on the cable line into the house.
I’ve been reading a truly fascinating book, which – despite the Amazon-thieved photo, I purchased at an actual brick-and-mortar store.
Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing
It’s all about the different layers of auras, what their function is, etc. And – bear with me, those of you already rolling your eyes – it’s surprisingly non-woo-woo. I’m actually OK with woo-woo, in the privacy of my own home, or in the company of some folks (you know who you are!) I think energy medicine is the way of the future, or one of the ways, at any rate. It just plain makes sense to me. I don’t happen to be – at least at this point in my development – one of those people who can physically see auras and work with them. I have taught people how to find their chakras though. That’s fun. At any rate, this type of thing fits in well with Reiki, so I’m open to learning and developing my capacities. Reading this has been a start.
And hey, I like her name. (No relation.)
Whoops, time to go whomp on the Egyptians. No no, not a reference to the recent revolution – it’s time for choir rehearsal, and Handel’s “Israel in Egypt”. You remember. The one where God smote all the firstborn, unleashed fire, hailstones, rivers of blood, and lice, and then chucked some dude on a horse into the sea, etc. etc. etc. Rather like the Tom Lehrer tune, but a bit less tongue in cheek.

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