Tuesday, March 15, 2011

nature, red in tooth and claw

Ah, the ravages of a spring melt. Here’s what happened while we were away last week in South Carolina. In this first picture, we’re looking at the bridge that we share with our neighbors on either side. The stream’s headwaters are off to the left; the brook flows to our right, and after a few hundred yards, veers to its left – away from the shared drive I’m standing on in this picture – and into the pond.



And now I’m on the bridge. The bare ground is where the brook jumped its banks and headed down the driveway toward the fire sub-station – the green-roofed building in the top left corner of the photo.



At some point – I don’t know if it did this on its own, or if it only did this once the Town came with heavy equipment to divert its flow – it carved a new channel in the middle of the meadow and headed toward the pond. Normally, it would be off to the right, out of frame.



What a mess!



Yep. A mess. The pond is dead ahead. The two buildings on the hillside on the right are ours – the one on the left is the pole barn, which is like a big three-bay lean-to. And the one on the right is the garage. The house is out of frame.


Apparently I need to go put on nice clothes and be sociable now. Wish me luck.

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