Tuesday, April 25, 2017

upskirting the shrooms, lost in reflections, the tenacity of birch

We've been back in Vermont for what, eight months and change now? And not til today did my friend G. and I get out into the woods together. 

Shelf mushrooms on a downed log, looking first the one way...

...and then t'other.

I'd left the Mighty Lumix in Kevin's car...or at least I hope that's where it is, since I can't find it... so I had only the phone with me and lo, it gets stubborn and refuses to focus on what I think is important.


...or, as the phone observes, G's derriere as she forges ahead on the trail.

Likewise, it was hopeless to get a shot of the underside of these spring ephemerals...

...though I had fun trying. Heaven help me, I didn't even get enough info to key this out later. It might be a hepatica. Dunno. 

More shrooms on a log...


...and the undersides...

These are some woods, apparently formerly farmed as evidenced by stone walls hither and yon, that G's neighbors own. They are kind enough to maintain a network of trails, which we sometimes kept to and sometimes didn't.

G. found us a vernal pool. We got lost in the reflections for a while.

Last but not least, a downed yellow birch, gigantic root ball exposed, but it sent up shoots all along its length that appear to be flourishing.

Tis raining. My sweet boy is in London on a bidness trip and the hour of FaceTime approacheth. Hurry home, angel... hurry home. Spring awakens all around us.

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