Tuesday, April 11, 2017

a warm day + brain melt

First time I've used the Mighty Lumix in a long time; I had to fiddle with it to remember its settings.

Yellow birch, hop hornbeam; toes intertwined.

An 80+ degree day after weeks of 40s or below; I have the added discombobulation of having a cold, and hence, no energy.

gray birch female flower, aka the party hat. these little fuscia ganglies mystified me for years before I stumbled across an understanding of what they are.

The male flowers - the catkins - are a little easier to spot. 

this makes me jones for the macro lens of the nikon. I'll have to haul it out.

onwards to the pussy willow...

...complete with bud scale. 

Then I realized the SD reader in my laptop isn't working, so I wound up using our backup laptop - an old one we stream tv on, it's running the loathed Windows 10 - loading pictures up into google drive, and then getting them onto my laptop from there. lo, what a hassle.

I feel like shit.

Rumor has it the spring peepers will be singing soon. Yes, please.

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