Saturday, October 12, 2013

dave deux, part deux

So back to the home improvement channel – here are some random before-and-after shots of various spots throughout the house:

Downstairs bath/laundry room



A sickly beige and a completely random dull magenta. Awesome!

Let’s apply our Benjamin Moore magic to it. Remember, our favorite color is their “butterscotch”, a deep orange – every other color in this house is either butterscotch, or one of the four lighter shades on the same paint chip.


So this leaves us with a groovalicious peachy scene. At first I thought this was a little too much “hand me a drink with an umbrella in it” but it’s grown on me.

The master bedroom.

Oh, the master bedroom...the wallpaper from hell. We tried removing it ourselves.


That didn’t go well. It just wouldn’t come off. After a combined maybe six hours of developing tendonitis from working on it, we called a friend for a recommendation and he handed over Tommy, the sheetrock guy. Tommy thought he could strip the whole room down in a half day, by slathering joint compound all over the walls.


Oh, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy...this room defeated even Tommy. It took him four times longer than he thought. He wound up needing to skim coat most of the room because there were so many little slubs of imperfection in the finish. He got it down to a state of virginal purity, and then I threw up a couple gallons of paint on it – one wall in the famed butterscotch and the rest in an innocuous, related, nearly-off-white. And then Kevin put down some flooring.


Here’s the butterscotch wall – note the subflooring, with a few pieces of the new flooring waiting to be sent into action.

And here we are with the new flooring. Ah. Much better.



Guest bedroom/home gym room

This room used to be painted a disturbing pale yellow, and was complemented by set off rather grossly by industrial gray wall to wall. I already told you about my bestie Michele visiting and kicking ass

Here she is moving heaven and earth in order to remove a tiny bit of that wall-to-wall that was wedged underneath the murphy bed (! we have a murphy bed! so far, we’re thinking that’s a cool thing). I was super helpful during this process. I handed her tools, and I took pictures. Couldn’t have happened without me, nope.



Isn’t she adorable? She’s adorable.

Here’s the after:


Why yes, that is a tasteful peachy color that positively glows. Very mellow – does not induce a desire for an umbrella-festooned drink. Which is good, since this room is devoted to virtue and health.

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