Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a matter of focus

I found a birch sapling today, hallelujah. My first birch buds since moving down here. I’ve seen yellow, black, white, gray, they’re all here, but not in the abundance they are in Vermont.

DSC_0829 (2)

hey buddy!

I saw something behind it I wanted to focus on, but I had set the camera’s focus on “manual”, and then forgotten I’d done so. So the first shot out of the barn was blurry.

DSC_0834 (2)

I liked how it looked, and started fiddling with the lens, twisting it bit by bit to see what I would find.

DSC_0836 (2)

This is where fairies come from: the in-between spaces.

DSC_0837 (2)

see her rippling?

DSC_0838 (2)

ghosties dance even as the next layer of reality resolves itself...

DSC_0839 (2)

...into leaf litter against a boulder, only faintly smudged with the idea of birch buds.

I’m enjoying these in-between states. It seems to me there’s a lot to learn in these spaces.

DSC_0845 (2)

DSC_0847 (2)b

Even something out of focus can be beautiful.

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