Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Return of Lamu

There is only so much napping you can do before you haul yourself out for some kind of adventure.

Today's adventure: Shela Beach. So Old Town is on the east side of the island, facing Manda Island. Shela is on the south end and faces the Indian Ocean. It's its own town, very upscale. And just around the corner from Shela is a fabulous beach, with massive dunes.

We typically walk the 2.5 miles there and take a motoboat back. This trip was no exception.

Wee sand wormies doing their thang.

There are no pictures of us bobbing in the Indian Ocean. I'm sure we were photogenic, but I just couldn't be bothered. Ooops!

Afterwards we went for mango juice at one of the shi-shi (sp?) places.

And then hired a boat to take us back to Old Town because let's review: we wuz tired. Super tired.

Can you see that the sea front here is a bit different from Old Town? All clean and tidy, no donkey poop.

And here comes our ride:

Shela as seen from the water, as we're pulling away.

A little ways later, this appeared. Our boat captain tells us rich people from France own it - they're only here a few weeks a year.

Up along the sea wall, it's business as usual. And business means donkeys.

Here's the hospital.

Here's my handsome boy, contemplating the spot on my camera lens.

So by now you probably get a sense of the sea front, yeah?

In the afternoon, Kevin realized he was coming down with a serious sore throat, so while he passed out in our room, I headed out with Mary to watch the culmination of the Festival of Maulid: the parade.

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