Monday, February 4, 2013

airport interlude

So we're partway to Kenya - we're in the Schiphol Airport, in Amsterdam. It's 8 am here, but 2 am our time, so we're flagging a bit. We board our flight for Nairobi in a couple of hours. I am enjoying the slight alteration in the time space continuum, as evidenced by the following:

Orange is alive and well, I am happy to say.

I remember directional signs like these from my childhood in Lausanne.

Someone with a stool fetish got involved in selecting some of the seating area options.

Alternatively, you can take your cup of tea in a giant...cup.

OK, maybe it's that I need to sleep, but surely you can agree with me that a gigantic fluorescent mushroom is just plain weird:

On the other hand, there is an official airport library here - THAT is sane.

And it's busy, too, with enterprising souls gettin' their library on when it's still dark outside. Mmmm!

Last but not least:

"Kevin, what do those words mean? I don't understand!" (Chocolate? to Share? Why would you do that? Heh heh.)

OK, maybe I can take a little nap and drool on myself before we board our next flight. It's a long one. Yawn.

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