Thursday, May 17, 2012

youth is wasted on the young, and this fine day is wasted on me

Still dealing with that cold I picked up on the way back from the half marathon. I feel like crap. Today I MADE myself go out into the gorgeous spring sunshine and I tell you, it was brutal.

DSC_0093 (5)

whaddaYOU looking at?


DSC_0102 (5)

“All Things Red Belong to ME, m***f***!” said the ruby-throated hummingbird as he buzzed me.


And now for the philosophical section: where do you choose to focus: on what’s on the surface?

DSC_0114 (5)


Or what’s underneath?

DSC_0115 (5)


or maybe something in-between?

DSC_0121 (5)


or maybe nothing at all?

DSC_0123 (5)

(which is what happens when you forget you set the camera to manual and go snapping away willy nilly.)



DSC_0129 (3)

Then this happened.


DSC_0135 (4)

This is blurry in part because it is super-cropped, but I can’t help myself. It’s my first head-on shot of a butterfly. (Or maybe it’s a moth.)

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  1. Red Admiral butterfly in last shot. Sometimes I think how we feel translates through the photos we take. Interesting that the shots in this post may very well have matched the way you felt.