Wednesday, May 30, 2012

doors, windows, flux

Some days, it’s particularly important to find beauty in the world.

DSC_0084 (7)

Fortunately, God invented irises some time ago, and this helps.

DSC_0086 (7)

Even when they’re fraying at the edges, they’re gorgeous.

I hauled myself out the door this afternoon in serious need of such beauty.

DSC_0089 (7)

Some kind of sedge.

DSC_0091 (7)

And a baby fern, so tender and optimistic!

They say that a door doesn’t close in your life without a window somewhere opening up for you to jump out of. No wait, that’s not it. One door closes, and another door opens – that’s what they say.

DSC_0094 (7)

Here are those anemone leaves I said I’d show you.

This week has been about a door closing. Prior experience indicates that a whole bunch of new doors will be opening very soon.  But until they do, there is sadness and anxiety to contend with. Close attention to Real Life – that is to say, the stuff that comes out of the earth as though by magic – demonstrates that all is flux, all changes, constantly, ceaselessly. Life renews itself endlessly, given half a chance. Hang in there, little one.

DSC_0098 (7)

Just a couple of days ago, these were tiny elegant flowers. And now, poof, baby berries! Not all the False Solomon’s Seal flowers have gotten to this stage – there’s still plenty of time to look for all the discrete stages by which life unfolds.

DSC_0099 (7)

Yesterday we had a tornado warning – yes, a tornado warning – and while we were spared that particular fate, we did experience quite a Pink Floyd on Acid Laser Show of thunder, lightning, and hail. Was it that which caused the sudden and premature demise of most of the local jack-in-the-pulpits? Dunno. That’s what that wilty bit above is – the flower of a jack.

DSC_0103 (7)

Only this one remains. Gulp!

Around and around and around we go…

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