Thursday, May 31, 2012

so much to see, in such a short distance.

There will be a longer post, perhaps with words, and deeper thoughts, and reflections, on this great mystery of life, soon. But the hour of cuddling with the family – which consists of Best Beloved, and the two black cats, is upon us. So for now, it’s just going to be about my travels to the mailbox, with particular attention paid to the meadow.

DSC_0135 (6)

Two kinds o’ naughty bits. Interesting.

DSC_0143 (6)

A purple-flowering raspberry just starting to open up. I am reminded of Susannah over at Wanderin’ Weeta, who examined a plant with similar sproingy bits, that turned out to have quite a toxic effect on bugs.

DSC_0157 (6)

speaking of raspberries, here’s a different kind.

DSC_0162 (6)


DSC_0172 (5)

An ant investigates what appears to be either a dead, or a very deeply slumbering, fly of some kind.

Out in the meadow, all kinds of grassy sedgy things are happening.

DSC_0180 (3)

Such as this kind.

DSC_0190 (4)

I know, I know! A blurry mess! But it’s PURPLE and I just had to get it up here for you to see.

DSC_0196 (4)

I believe this is curly dock.

DSC_0213 (4)

I lose all self-discipline around hawkweed.

DSC_0215 (4)

Especially with the possibility of focusing in slightly different places each time.

DSC_0217 (4)

just bear with me, here…

DSC_0221 (4)

Ahhh, I wasn’t kidding about losing it around these lovelies. They sustain my soul.

DSC_0227 (4)


DSC_0240 (4)

Onwards! Some outstanding ferns in a wet part of the meadow.

DSC_0239 (4)


DSC_0252 (4)

And I’ve never noticed these before – divine.

Well, my dears, that was pretty restorative, as was the long Reiki self-treatment I just gave myself. I don’t see any open doors nearby, but the way I figure it, door-installation is the Universe’s department. My department is to notice how gorgeous every day life is, gasp in delight, and share it with you. I hope some of the joy rubs off on you!

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