Friday, April 1, 2011

Haiku for an April Fool

Mud season. Roads. Ruts.
Now snow, six to eight inches,
Covers that s**t up.

                        - Kevin



This morning:


Actually, it was less snow than Kevin’s poem foretold, and much of it has melted already. The roof of the garden shed, pictured above, is already clear.

Last night I promised you power tools, and power tools you shall have.

Way back at the end of 2009, when we had completed the addition to the house, we noticed a problem almost immediately with the concrete floor of the bump-out space – a 3.5’ x 12’ extension off the edge of the living room and the only footprint change to the original part of the house.

The stain was peeling up.


Not cool! For some reason, it can take a while for a subcontractor to make his way back to a project to fix it. We knew this wouldn’t get fixed during the construction season of 2010, since the guy responsible has one of the few good excavating set-ups in the area and is pretty busy all year. But I don’t think we expected to have to wait this long. At any rate, after I hounded our original contractor a million times, and after he harassed the sub a million times, we finally got some action and a visit.

First, Kevin cleared out the space. You can see this was yesterday – only a couple of remnants of snow on the deck.


The guys – a father and son team – got busy. First they taped off the bump out with plastic sheeting, since the top surface of the floor was about to go to heaven in the form of dust.


Here is Son, of the Father Son team, this morning. See the snow on the deck?



And by the end of today, here we are. Oh, that’s my foot in the lower right corner.

I gotta run. There will be more to report on this project next week, when they apply the stain.

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