Saturday, April 30, 2011

April is the cruelest month

Now this is freaky: here’s what we were doing on this very day, last year:

last year

One guess as to what I spent the afternoon today doing:


I killed dozens and dozens of trees today. Ripped ‘em, clipped ‘em, savaged them, poor buggers. It started with the usual suspects – the raspberries – but one thing let to another…


…and I cleared out a ton of saplings from the mystery woodlands between the house and the shared driveway. I discovered a treasure trove of blue cohosh hiding in there.


In the meantime, Kevin braved the garage to retrieve the ingredients of the portable screen porch…


…and found the grill! Hooray? Guess what’s for dinner? Who cares? Whatever it is, it’s going on the grill first.

I’ll leave you with a shot from sunset last night:


Oh, and that 14 mile run? Didn’t happen. Monday, I guess, since tomorrow’s out of the question.

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