Sunday, February 14, 2010

Argh, I’ve been running too hard

Today was supposed to be the week’s long run. Last week’s long run was 4.35 miles, so I was figuring I’d go 4.5 or so. I’ve got a few more weeks before I even get to the starting line of my official training, so while I while away the hours waiting for that day, I’ve been messing around with my speed.

My recent routine has been as follows: slow and steady runs on Sundays and Tuesdays…speed work on Wednesdays (short run) and Thursdays (longer run). Then, I’m supposed to cross train on Friday or Saturday, and rest the other day. Well…I must have been pushing too hard, because my thighs are toast. I took today off. Gulp! I’m hoping I don’t feel so wrecked tomorrow.

No other news to report, sports fans.

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