Tuesday, January 26, 2010

time to flood the beds for skating!

This is a phrase my childhood friend Leslie’s mom would say to get us up in the morning when I slept over at their house.

It came to mind when I looked out the window this morning after the recent thaw:


That lovely sheen is ice.  When I went out to get the mail yesterday  I heard this inexplicable dull roar. It took me a good minute or two to realize it was the East Putney Brook in full flood. Woo hoo! It almost crested the bridge.

Although the roads are OK, getting out to them is a hassle. All the more reason to play on the treadmill! With my new buddy, greenbean! (That’s what I’ve named the new iPod Shuffle.)


It’s TINY!! It arrived yesterday. The FedEx guy couldn’t get his truck up the driveway. I only saw him because I was virtuously lifting weights in the living room and happened to see him lumbering up on foot.

Between the two of us, Kevin and I have well over 7,000 songs on our main iPod. We have a ton of songs that I don’t even know we have until they come around on global shuffle – great 70’s stuff that I know inside out, but never knew the artist name (Gerry Rafferty, anyone?) and a million other things. As some of you will already know, iTunes will figure out great playlists for you, using your own music, but only if it all lives on one computer…which in our case, it does not. So that’s a little project I need to take care of.

Well, speaking of the treadmill… time to work out. On a final note…


I know you think you’ve seen this picture before, but this is Maggie, not Charlie. I get such a kick out of seeing them on the windowsills, since usually, a space you intend for a cat is not a space they have any interest in.

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