Friday, January 1, 2010

This Post est omnis divisa in partes tres

Part 1: In which I apologize to Michael

Dear Michael – and Gary, too: I am sorry that I forgot to announce officially that the Deck is Complete! I mean, DUH! Since the day or two before Christmas!


We really like the cable railings, as they leave the view pretty unobstructed. I got the idea from a house I used to rent on the Connecticut shoreline that had approximately an acre’s worth of decks with these railings.


The deck stairs are about nine or ten feet wide. I foresee a whole lot of hanging around with friends, all of us with a beer in one hand, and a plate of barbecue in the other. Of course, I don’t drink beer (can’t stand the stuff), but you get the idea.




And here we are on the north side. This section is where we contemplate putting a screened-in area some day.


Part II: In Which Jonathan Installs ‘Accoutrements’

We woke up to a ringing phone yesterday morning – it was Jonathan, whom we have not seen since before Christmas; he had the towel rods and what not for the bathroom. Joy to the World!


Towel rod and TP holder. There’s another short towel rod above the toilet.


Big towel rod and robe hook. Yippee!

Part III: In Which We Inveigle Jonathan to Install the Curtain Rods

You may recall that we recently purchased some curtains for the bedroom. The goal is to be able to mitigate the nuisance caused by all the paparazzi who line up a quarter mile away in back of our neighbors’ houses to spy on us at night. Really, the fame that is entailed by our rural Vermont lifestyle is such a nuisance. On our way down to friends for last night’s New Year’s Eve party, we saw at least two other cars on the highway. I swear, if it gets any more crowded here, we might just have to move.

But I digress.

Thankfully, Jonathan was happy to get involved. He installed one run (of four) of the curtain rods – the southern exposure. He’ll be back next week to do the east side, and the two on either side of the bed.


He made a complete mess, naturally, with all the boxes and instructions.


I’m very happy with the results!


Here’s a closeup to show you that “Stevie Nicks Goes to Yoga Class in her Pajamas” look I was talking about earlier.

Jonathan will be back some time next week to install the rest of ‘em.


Happy new year, everyone!

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