Monday, July 20, 2009

Second floor decking went in today.

I was in town all day, and Kevin was 'working' from home. I say 'working' because apparently it's hard to concentrate with all the banging, dropping-of-heavy-objects, calling out of important measurements, circular saw whining, and general cackling and merriment that are the hallmarks of our builders. When I did get home, it was to find that Kevin had already been out with the camera. How tempting is this? Very.

This will be our view from bed.

Facing west - the wall with the stairs against it - these are the trees that are going to have to come down. (Sob.)

Did I mention it's time for a new roof? It's time for a new roof.

Here's the as-yet-unfilled bump out.

And, time to head back down and make dinner.


  1. 嚴重的是,這可能是最好的舊式我所見過。

  2. Welch ein herrlicher Platz zu Beginn meiner Arbeit an der vierten reich!

  3. Benim zevklerim, ama olabilir.