Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holy smokes!

Things are moving fast! This was yesterday: they put decking on the joists. They covered up the trap door - they'll get back to that later. Notice that the existing house is thus far untouched.

Today they threw up walls on the east and west ends. (In the picture above, we're facing west, up the hillside.) Here's that same place, today. They've chopped out part of the existing house. Let's hope we don't get a windstorm or something! Oh, there aren't any windows because that will be the stairs, and we're having bookshelves put in all up the stairs. I think we will have a window up in the corner, though, at the top of the stairwell.

And here's the east side wall: the windows are concentrated on the south side (on the right). That will be a door in the center eventually.

Wow. They've hacked off part of the roof, too. Cool!


  1. They seem to be doing a neat job. No obvious mess.

  2. Who the heck was that! Anonymous...is that really necessary!

  3. Honestly its non of your business who I am. I don't ask you for your ID.

  4. Yes, but you are anonymous too.