Sunday, August 16, 2015

the Presidential Range Do-Over of 2015.

Devoted blog fans will recall that three years ago, my friend Melissa and I scampered across the Presidential Range in New Hampshire's White Mountains in drizzle and fog. We swore one day we'd have a do-over, and earlier this year we realized that we'd better hop to it. So Melissa, bless her heart, whipped out her credit card and got in touch with the fine folks at the Appalachian Mountain Club to made reservations for a couple of nights at Madison Hut. 

Our plan: start out there and make our way to Mt Jefferson - summiting the various peaks we hadn't bothered with in the crappy weather of our 2012 foray.

At the Appalachia trailhead. Off to a good start.

We were joined by our intrepid friend Liz. Here are Liz and Melissa consulting the map near a tangle of intersecting trails. 

Ahhh, New England, how I love your rocky former stream beds hiking trails.

We finally broke out above timberline and were treated to a spectacular view of King Ravine with a fog bank rolling in. 

We broke for lunch. Mmmm, hunks of cheddar cheese and sausage, fresh fruit, and banana bread muffins.

Near the headwall of King Ravine we encountered some mouth watering views...

The top of Chemin des Dames trail.

And lo, I find I must wrap up this post and start a new one for verily, Blogger does suck indeed and will not allow me to add new pictures to this post. Grrr. I'll be right back with more.

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