Tuesday, April 21, 2015

quickie in the woods

When in doubt, get out of the house. Today in between various chores and gigs, I snuck into the woods, to a park in a neighboring town sandwiched between a development and a school. Better than nothing.

This late, or early, in the season, the beech leaves are almost transparent.

There were well-marked, blazed trails, one of which crossed a stream and then meandered up stream for a ways.

An old homestead, I suppose. Nothing but two chimney stacks and some stone walls left, by now.

I got bored of the trails and wandered around free-range for a while. I'll need to come back: here's a slew of trout lily leaves. I'll want to see the ensuing flowers!

Plenty of shelf mushrooms to amuse me, in various shades... russet...


...and cream.

I think it must have been while I was investigating the skunk cabbage that the tick found me.

I was in the kitchen an hour or two later, whipping up my patented nut and seed mix, when I felt something crawling around inside my shirt. I got to it before it latched on to me. So far, that's better than my track record last year and the year before that, when the first tick of the season landed me in the emergency room because I couldn't get all the body parts out by myself.  <<shudder>>

Happy spring!

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