Tuesday, April 28, 2015

daily life: mind-blowing.

And so it begins: the unfurling into riotous color, one bud at a time.


Does the bud know what it’s got in it?


Or is it just surprised as anyone else?

Spring is such a shattering relief this year. Who’s with me on this?



We have a lot of pieris here.



As for photography – some of the failures are just as interesting as the ones that turn out ‘right’.


I think so, at least.

As for the pieris? I still they they look like spider-infested barnacles, from the right angle.


It all depends on your perspective.

One last thing: did you know bees had tongues? Inside of a sheath? The tongue is the little Y-shaped thing at the end.


Daily life: mind-blowing.

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