Friday, September 19, 2014

tipping points

I finally, finally, finally, have been able to almost-witness how False Solomon Seal’s berries get red. It’s a matter of both the speckles...P1220551

...and the blush. The picture above is from July (of last year, but never mind that). The one below is from this afternoon. Check out how that green has turned to a pale shrimp.


This may explain how some Canada Mayflower berries near our front door have popped from speckled to red inside a single afternoon. See that blush creeping in?


Back to False Solomon. Just a couple of feet away, this one’s way farther along.





These pix are, amazingly, off the iPhone. I spent an hour or so calibrating my fine motor skills and telepathic communication skills to figure out how to get my style of macro shots using just the phone. It’s...OK. Not nearly as crisp as I like, but not too bad. I do like the color, though. The light levels were low, and the phone is apparently way more forgiving than even the Mighty Lumix.


A late lunch.


Speaking of magenta, POKEWEED.



butter-and-eggs, good to see you!

So let’s see if I’ll have my act together. Next up: the Acropolis. See you in a couple of days.

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