Sunday, September 21, 2014

I appear to be in Athens today.

I am beyond tired with jet lag.

But I'm not complaining, as this is the view from the roof of our hotel. Yep, that's the Acropolis.

The travel gods were kind to us. Our hotel...

...had our room ready for us when we rolled (staggered?) in around 11 this morning. We crashed, hard, and groggily peeled ourselves out of bed for a late afternoon stroll.

There she is, peeking out from above the ramparts. Oh - oh - oh! This is going to have to be explored in a serious way. But not today. We got close enough to get tickets to the Acropolis and a handful of other sites, and wandered around the base of the hill a bit...

A healthy respect for marble. This, I can appreciate.

I must sleep, or my brains will pickle in their own juices. I am predicting sensory and cognitive overload. It's bizarre being functionally illiterate, but exposure to Russian (and hence, the Cyrillic alphabet) in college has already proved helpful. 

See you tomorrow. Sweet dreams...

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