Tuesday, January 1, 2013

frozen burblies and snow ghosties

It’s cold! Maybe in the 20’s. Colder, with the wind. Today was a blue sky/puffy clouds day, to which the only proper response is, Full Battle Regalia. That’s jeans and wool socks, rain pants, gaters, boots, running top, warm jacket, balaclava, hat, hood, sunglasses, gloves, and the Nikon.

DSC_0950 (5)

Oh yeah, baby. Man, too many days without doing this and the joy of re-entry is almost sickening. Woo hoo!

DSC_0959 (5)

Sure, there’s green stuff at this time of year. This is when you appreciate hemlock.

DSC_0968 (5)

See, this is why you want the rain pants and gators. So that you can kneel in the snow and be perfectly toasty dry and warm.

DSC_0972 (4)


DSC_0995 (5)

Yes, I trust my balance (gulp) to lean way out for close-ups...

DSC_0002 (13)

DSC_0011 (13)

The only thing better than cavorting in this stream bed is knowing the nearby meadows await.

DSC_0066 (14)

There is a groomed nordic trail cresting this hill, and I saw a handful of neighbors out skiing. We’re going to sneak up on foot – not even in snowshoes, it’s not that deep – alongside the stone wall.

DSC_0069 (14)

Plenty of drama going on today.

DSC_0088 (13)

Winds lift up loose snow and sculpt the surface to their liking.

DSC_0104 (13)

Can you see the wind-freed snow being lifted over that little cliff?

DSC_0139 (12)

Eddies like little ghosties slither ahead of me.

Oh, the fun the Nikon and I had! I quickly learned: keep those gloves on while shooting. It was shortly after this that the camera refused to take any more pictures – it was just too cold. I meandered along the stone walls and made my way back out to the road. These are the adventures to be had right out our front door.

Last night we rang in the new year with some friends. I provided my world-famous chocolate heroin sauce over ice cream, and some of us sat out in a hot tub. Lord. If we all had hot tubs, there’d be world peace, without a doubt.

Hugs, world. May 2013 bring you what you need to shine!

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