Wednesday, January 16, 2013

all quiet on the western front

The weather report called for intermittent snow today. I got as far as the recycling station one town away before admitting the foolishness of trying to get to work – plows had yet to materialize and the road was a mess. So I dumped the recycling and headed back home. I must confess to secret relief – our recent snow had almost all melted, and the emerging winter wonderland promised excellent adventure. And it had been daaaaaayyyyys since my last expedition with the camera. And I was even more relieved that it continued to snow, relentlessly, all day. In fact, here it is, after dinner, and we have yet to get plowed out. Perfect!

I stood in the absolute quiet of the woods for probably at least an hour, hardly moving more than 100 feet into the woods, just listening, and watching.

Gradually I remembered oh yeah, I live on this planet. Right. In this body. See, I tend to forget that. You’d think I must be one of the more grounded people out there, what with knowing the names of all the wildflowers and when they bloom and so forth. But really, it takes that much time with my feet on the ground, just for me to be fully in my body. Otherwise, I just kind of...I don’t know. Dissociate, somehow. Hence my title, Princess Groundy Pants, issued to me by my soul-sister Michele years ago.

There were a ton of tracks in the woods, all snowed-into and thus hard to identify, but I’d guess fox. Fox and I often agreed about what places made interesting and convenient paths. There is also a snowmobile trail up in the woods, not often used, that connects the back ends of several properties, including our own. I followed that trail when it was useful and veered off it often. Good lord, just wandering around in the woods is about the most fun, ever. Why did I never do this as a kid? Probably because I grew up in a neighborhood where all the houses were just a few feet apart from each other. Gaaah.


I found the the beginnings of the headwaters of a tributary of the brook that runs past our house.

The whole landscape evoked giddiness – and soon I found evidence I was not alone in perceiving the fun potential: the others have also noted that the brook’s ravine marks a boundary worth defending.


...witness the fort. It’s all quiet on the western front today, I thought. Onwards!


Oh, to think this has been mere steps from our house this whole time and I never thought to explore it. I tend to forget that the default rule around here is, if it’s not posted (with no trespassing signs), it’s fair game to wander. 


Good lord. Remind me again why I don’t spend at least three hours a day outside? I really need to, to be well. 


I mean, duh, right?

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