Thursday, April 19, 2012

midweek splendor; beech explosion; ferns are weird

Here’s what’s going on in the mystery woodland next to the house. Ferns are coming up!

DSC_0706 (2)

Let’s take a closer look.

DSC_0709 (2)

They are apparently made of tiny blobs welded together.

DSC_0710 (2)

Plus a bunch of fuzz.

DSC_0721 (2)

Let the records show that we have a flowering trout lily on our own property. It hasn’t turned inside out in ecstasy, the way we saw the other day:


Back to our woods: we have a bunch of these things:

DSC_0732 (2)

I’m guessing sessile-leaved bellwort. Seeing a flower would be helpful, but so far, none seem to be even on the horizon.

DSC_0746 (2)

You’re not tired of blue cohosh yet, are you? 

DSC_0747 (2)

This is pachysandra, which has been sneaking into the vinca’s territory from its homebase around the magnolia tree.

BOATLOADS of miterwort this year.

DSC_0751 (2)DSC_0754 (2)

And this is why I have the macro lens. These flowers are maybe 1/8” across at best.

DSC_0762 (2)

Starflower! Let’s hope it makes a flower this year. Only found one last year.

Later on, I took a walk on my lunch break at work and headed up into the woods. P1190685

Birch catkins. Nutty stuff.


Violet innards.

Beech bud explosion, in slow motion.


First, they just lengthen. You can see how the end of each scale is paler than its base – the darker base color is where it’s newly exposed from the bud lengthening.


At some point the leaves just want out. 



Yippee! Freedom! I did this same series last year. On May 9th. Yep, it’s an early spring.


Two points if you know what this is! I don’t! I thought at first it was a violet, but do they get spurs this long? Do I have photos of the leaves? I do not. Whoops. And no, it’s not a ladyslipper. I think.


There’s nothing ordinary about a dandelion.




I spotted this cutie in a stormwater retention pond. Happiness!

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  1. What a fabulous collection of details I've seen browsing through your postings. I would like to suggest that you might have taken a couple of pictures of a spurred violet; I don't quite know which one. Perhaps a long spurred violet hybrid?