Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ireland, Day Seven

We (meaning, of course, Kevin) drove from our Airbnb just outside Tralee over to Cobh ("Cove"), just outside Cork, today.

We're staying in an old dairy that's been converted to a sleek, modern apartment, with barn doors separating a back entrance/the bathroom, and the bedroom, from the kitchen/living room:

This place is cute enough to warrant more photos, but my feet are too tired for me to get up and move.

We went into Cobh for dinner. It used to be named Queenstown, and it's where the Titanic stopped for one last round of passengers and a mail stop before heading out to sea towards its eventual fate.

Cobh is awfully cute. We've noticed great colors every place we've been so far here, and this has been no exception:

Tomorrow we head up towards Wicklow for a final night before our Saturday flight home. At some point I'll post Days 1 - 6 in some fashion. 

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