Tuesday, May 9, 2017

great things from small packages

I'm fascinated by beech buds, particularly the terminal ones - the ones at the ends of the branch - because just the one bud really packs a punch. This one has at least five leaves coming out of it, in their special accordionated formation.

Once again, for I am a fool, I headed out with only the phone, so... well, it wasn't sunny, that's my excuse. This here is a RED BANEBERRY which as you can see, I'm excited about.

This one roadside is positively littered, littered I tell you, with both solomon's seal and false solomon's seal. Here's the former.

Those little dangly flowers slay me.

Not til I got this next one up on the computer did I see ALL THE SPORES.

Those little dots. They're spores. Or something like that. I have to study up on fern reproduction, it's complicated.

Here's a false solomon's seal flower whose privacy I invaded.

New life, new life everywhere. Makes me happy.

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