Saturday, October 8, 2016

no complaints here

What a great weekend it's been. We went to see Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem last night at Next Stage - a hilarious and beautiful evening. We bought one of their CDs, and then realized that our only CD players are in the cars. 

Today, we hiked up Pinnacle. It was a mellow day, not a lot of bright sunshine, but who can complain? Foliage is starting to heat up, everything smells great...

...and there are always weird mushrooms to admire...

And then this: they've re-routed a section of trail, I know I would recognize this tree if I'd seen it before...

"I'll grow on a pile of rocks, I don't care."

The view from the summit didn't disappoint. Happy sigh.

True love. As seen through a lens in need of cleaning. 

More shrooms.

Garden goodness. In a mason jar that....used to hold gluten-free pancake mix, apparently. 

We're getting stuff up on the walls, Kevin's stacking firewood on the deck, life is good.  Life is good. Just holding it down, up here, and thinking about all the folks affected by Hurricane Matthew.  

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