Tuesday, February 17, 2015

here's one way to deal with recent New England weather...

Off on another adventure: Cape Town. 

We scored an aisle and window together and so had to celebrate. What we were really celebrating was the opportunity to ditch New England and its sub-zero temperatures. It was an uneventful flight, with many empty seats. Fifteen hours: enough for three movies and most of "Kirt Vonnegut: Letters". With another few hours to spare.  I did not sleep a bit, as it left in mid-morning and I was only just starting to get sleepy at the end of it.

Sunrise over Namibia.

We landed in Johannesburg a bit ahead of schedule, just after 8 am. We got off the plane and out on the tarmac, onto a bus to the terminal, and headed for Immigration. But first we got screened for Ebola - that was cool; it simply consisted of standing there befuddled while an agent told me to take my glasses off.  Apparently some camera/device ten feet away from me gave me a look and decided I was good to go. From there, we got our passports stamped and headed to baggage claim to pick up our checked baggage. And then we scurried over to the domestic terminal and back through security for our flight to Cape Town...which was on the exact same airplane.  

Vernon - the associate director of the program Kevin is here to visit - was there to pick us up at the airport, which we hadn't been expecting, but what a treat, because he took us on a quick spin through the heart of Cape Town. 

Caffeine Shampoo: for when you need an extra bit of lift.  

Gahhhhhh. Table Mountain. 

Vernon dropped us off at our hotel and we crashed hard for a few hours. He and his wife Esme picked us up a few hours later and took us to Marita's, who runs the program with him. She had, in classic Marita fashion, invited a bunch of fascinating people for dinner and cooked us up a storm.

A fine welcome to South Africa, I'd say!

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