Saturday, March 3, 2012

color coordination, a glimpse of green, and fox pee


Our house goes well with the beech leaves.


Moss on a yellow birch. It looks like it would taste like lemon-lime, don’t you think?

Yesterday was all about skiing: I explored every conceivable nook and cranny of nearby meadows (kindly groomed for XC skiing by a neighboring angel). It was about as much fun as you can have… under dull, leaden clouds. This morning brought sleet. In the afternoon, my mood as overcast as the skies, I dragged myself into the woods. I got two glimpses of pale blue sky, but never got as far as a decent shadow. Gradually the woods are becoming a series of discrete places. Certain trees, stumps, or rocks are distinct landmarks, worth checking out.

The foxes have a more old-fashioned way of checking into to their own personal landmarks:


They pee. Dozens of trees up there have been marked just since yesterday.

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